Inside Out

This is my last time emailing from the MTC! I leave on Tuesday. We’ll see if I can survive out there. The great thing about  being confused and unsure of what is going to happen next at all times is that you have to live by the grace of God because you have nothing else. I am just stumbling around all the time trying to do the right-ish thing and hoping it works out. Aren’t we all, though? Anyway, it’s great. Or “fabalus” as my companion would say. I have enjoyed my MTC experience quite a bit more than I expected to but I definitely expect to prefer life outside of the empty sea. We’ll see, though? #pray4sisterasplund
This week I’ve been trying to focus on turning inside out. I think that’s what the mission is for. I have spent the last few years as kind of a vacuum cleaner, slurping up all the blessings and knowledge and happiness college had to offer me. It was amazing. I am so full of those things. Now I want to use the resources that have been showered upon me my whole life to be like a fountain, and to put everything precious and tender that usually lives in my interior on the outside. I’m trying to stop working on finding what I need and start working on finding what other people need. I have a theory that this will get everyone what they need in the end, but we’ll see. I have had so much great opportunity for introspection already in my life and I would like to initiate a season of outrospection.
To that end, this week my companion and I skipped our afternoon classes to get her to the doctor. She had been having a lot of pain in her chest and we ended up getting her an x-ray at the BYU Student Health Center. It was actually a great field trip and getting off-campus was very liberating. I saw the news?! It sounds like Rudy Guliani is running for president and being kind of a racist and also the Oscars are tomorrow. It’s kind of comforting to know that ~the world~ is turning just like it was before I left. Most importantly, it was nothing serious and Sister Tripple is feeling much better.
I love you friends and family of mine, and I miss you all.
Sister Aspen

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