Apple Pie Ridge Road

I made it! I’m doing it! I’m a missionary! I rang a doorbell! The most important update is that I am doing really well and having a good time and doing good work. I’ll try to get into more detail chronologically.

On Monday we prepared to leave the MTC. I made bookmarks for the other missionaries in my district, which is probably the most Mormon thing I’ve ever done, and the elders apparently spent four hours collaging boxes for us to put our study supplies in. A lot of care packages come into the MTC in these perfectly sized boxes for scriptures and other study materials, so they cut out pictures from various lesson pamphlets and foraged around campus to find enough of these little cardboard boxes and decorated them with pictures of Jesus to give to us as parting gifts. It was very silly and very touching and I cry a little bit every time I get one of my many, many pens or books from my Jesus box because those elders are so sweet. We had a very emotional and special final evening together blessing and praying for each other. It was a lot like Senior May Day for you Mawrtyrs out there. We got in past curfew (sorry, God!) and got all of our modest skirts in the right suitcases so that we could FINALLY FLY AWAY!! Which I was so excited for.
When I finally arrived I was full of worry about making a good impression on my mission president and his wife and meeting the other missionaries. My mission president and I ended up having a great interview together. We both cried and I left the meeting feeling loved and respected by him and feeling like we’re very much on the same page with our missionary philosophies. It’s too bad we only have a short time together because we get along really well.
I also finally got to meet my trainer, and she is great! She’s like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way. I’m a little intimidated because I feel like I will never be as together as she is but we get along really well and have fun and do good work together, even when she wants to listen to EFY music while we drive. When I arrived she put a balloon shaped like an alien in my closet with a li’l sign that said “Welcome to Charles Town!” and we now use that alien in role plays. We are calling him Ivan.
Everything about my first area is cushy. I live in a huge townhouse with my companion and I have a giant bathtub and walk-in closet all to myself. The ward loves us and loves to feed us, and the area is beautiful. I’m in Charles Town, West Virginia which is a wide geographical range that is mostly rolling country. It has a little downtown where we street contact and every building there is beautiful. Lots of old houses out here that are great to look at.
I also have been using my German so much! There is a senior German sister serving in the mission and a young Elder from Austria and a German exchange student living near some ward members who I am chatting with. It’s been a really pleasant surprise and I have to say that I super feel the gift of tongues helping me out.
I’ve had pretty much exclusively amazing lessons so far. Everyone here is interesting and they have a lot of stories about weird miracles. I have yet to meet someone who I don’t love and every morning I leave my apartment excited for all the new people I’m going to meet and looking forward to seeing those I have met again. We teach a lot of old ladies. I love it. I feel super blessed to have had relatively few challenges so far. I love praying all the time and making new friends all the time.
I miss all of you though! I love every word I hear from your lives and I hope y’all get a change to write me. My new address is 14 Deerbrook Dr/Charles Town, WV 25414
Sister Applesauce (as my bishop calls me)

One thought on “Apple Pie Ridge Road

  1. Oh Ingrid-I loved reading your first post from Charles Town! I am glad all is going well so far and that you love it. Our prayers are with you and all missionaries and all people seeking truth!

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