Happy Oprah Day!

Oprah Day, for those of you who don’t know, is a holiday I invented. It can happen every day if you have the right attitude. Oprah Day is any day where you feel like Oprah, particularly when she is giving out cars/$$$/other aspects of her bounty gleefully because she can. I try to make every day Oprah day by 1) recognizing that I have bountiful blessings, 2) sharing those blessings, and 3) feeling like Oprah dancing around onstage saying “You get the peace the gospel brings! and YOU get the blessings of coming closer to Christ! and YOU get the love and fellowship of a ward! and YOU get the comfort of the Holy Ghost! and YOU get the deepest questions of your heart answered! YOU ALL GET THE LOVE AND BLESSINGS YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER HAS IN STORE FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” So happy Oprah Day, everyone.

This Oprah Day brought lots of adventures and opportunities for personal growth. One such adventure was the new trainer/trainee meeting on Wednesday, aka MTC reunion time. All of the other greenies (aka new missionaries) and their companions gathered together with the mission president and his wife for some learning. It was so magical to see my pals from the MTC and I kind of had to cry forever because they grow up so fast! I grow up so fast! Where does the time go! Aside from watching some very sobering driving safety videos, we also did some role-playing. FYI, missionaries role-play constantly. We never stop. I don’t even remember who I really am because I have adopted so many personae for the purposes of role-playing. Also, we’re supposed to call it “real-playing” so that we will remember to make it real. Classic mission terminology. We were doing a ~real-play~ where Sister Pratt and I were being taught and another companionship was teaching, and our mission president was going around and observing our activity. I was embodying one of our investigators, who is a cat lady and a self-described “red hot Pentecostal” who calls us “Missionettes” and heats her house with a wood-burning stove. I was doing my best to be really real in my real-playing and maybe hamming it up a little bit/a lot bit. I watched our mission president trying not to laugh as he was observing but he super failed and started laughing so hard he had to leave. When the activity was done, he said, “Sister Asplund deserves an Oscar!” and that was probably the proudest moment of my mission so far.

Something strange about my experience here is that nobody can ever pronounce my name. I’m pretty sure it’s not hard, but everyone struggles. I’ve never experienced this before. It must be some feature of the region by which my name doesn’t look phonetic? Or maybe seeing the name tag makes people overthink it. I don’t know. I just tell people to call me Sister Applesauce if they forget.

I had a very eventful Sunday, specifically because we took a trip to the temple to watch Meet the Mormons! It was so much fun and being at the DC temple made me feel like I was a Bryn Mawr student all over again. I loved it. We brought our li’l investigator and her mom, neither of whom had been to the temple before, and they both had a great time. I saw a missionary who I knew in the MTC and there were crocuses AND daffodils! Spring really is happening at last down here. We drove down with Mama Tyrell, who packed us sandwiches and her son and another family all in one minivan, and then there were three other minivans full of people. It was wild. My companion and I were in heaven just sitting in the car for an hour and resting our brains. Missionary work is super fulfilling socially on good days, and pretty draining on hard days. The parts of me that are more introverted are stretching a little because we talk and talk and listen and listen all day long, and because Sister Pratt are in sight and sound of each other at all times. Fortunately when you’re with someone that much you learn how to feel alone together, and we definitely have car rides sometimes where we just relish the quiet.

On Saturday we had social media splits, which means that wherever we went we told people to take pictures of us doing our thing and put them on Facebook or wherever. Allegedly these photos can be found under such hashtags as #socialmediasplit and #baltimoremission but I am a certified non-social media user so I don’t even know for sure.

This week we have been doing family history street contacting, which means that we share cards that have familysearch.org instead of mormon.org on them and we talk to people about family history work. We also are introducing our friend who is a recent convert to the world of family history work. I feel like I might become a family history nerd after my mission, so be careful. Watch over your binders carefully to make sure I don’t steal them and keep an eye on your Mormon grandmas in case I hang out with them and talk about our favorite apps together.

I love you pals, I hope you’re having fun reading the Book of Mormon because I sure am! Super thanks to all the wonderful people who have written me this week, my heart skips a beat every time I check the mail. If you want to drop a line, my address is 14 Deerbrook Drive/Charles Town, WV 25414

May the force/spirit be with you,

Sister Hashtagsplund

2 thoughts on “Happy Oprah Day!

  1. What a wonderful letter Sister Applesauce (how do you pronounce your name:) . Thank you for reminding me to be grateful and for listing many of those things. I love your personality and how it shines.

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