“you have no need to be a scrub”

Title excerpted from a talk by President Hinkley. Did I proceed to quote Destiny’s Child lyrics in a Hinkley voice for the rest of the day? Absolutely. Poor Sister Nish. I think she liked it though.
On Tuesday I woke up in the morning and whined, “Sister Nish, my ear hurts!” but she didn’t take me very seriously because I am almost always whining at 6:20 am. My poor companions, one and all. Over the next few days, my general health continued to decline so we called the mission president’s wife (we always get permission from our mission mom to stay home. I feel young again.) and I slept for a long time on all the different soft surfaces if our apartment. We finally went to the local urgent care emporium and I was diagnosed with an outer ear infection. The PA asked, “Do you go swimming a lot?” and I laughed and got a little sad. No I do not. In any case, between getting pinkeye and an ear infection, I feel a lot like a 2 year old. Unlike a 2 year old, I am able to be still for as long as it takes for ear drops to soak in, so I’m all better now. I have to say that living in the 21st century really suits me.

Between sessions of lying still for my special ear drops, Sister Nish and I have started to orient ourselves more toward finding. This is a challenging part of missionary work for me, but I am loving it more and more with each door knocked. It’s a really special experience to have license to just invite yourself to be everyone’s friend. I can love people probably 300% faster than I could before my mission. Love at first sight is sort of a spiritual gift that missionaries need because otherwise the often discouraging work of talking to everyone we see and being rejected by most of the people we see is just not worth it.

In baby animal news, I met a baby chameleon this week! Who knew chameleons could be babies? I don’t know, maybe I thought they started out as tadpoles or something, but this one was pretty cute and small and of curly tail. I also heard a rumor that there is a pet hedgehog in the ward. We’ll see if we can make that friendship happen. Our beloved Zone Leaders also visited our district meeting this week. Zone Leaders are kind of intended to be the friendly neighborhood sticklers, but these fellows found a turtle in the middle of the road on there way over, named him Patrick, and would not stop playing with him though the whole meeting. Our poor District Leader was really struggling to keep them on task.

We also got a chance to take a tiny road trip to Martinsburg for an interview with the mission president. He’s the best. We spent some time hanging out with the elders (including 20 terrifying minutes when my companion was interviewing and it was just me and 8 elders. They talked about toilets the whole time. I wish I was joking.) and the mission president’s wife, who is just the most angelic person, and I’m not just saying that because she gave me permission to stay in sick for a few days this week. She’s just a sweetheart. She is always looking for something nice to say. I want to cultivate that. President has a quiet intensity that I would also like to cultivate because when he talks, everyone wants to listen. Getting to know him a little better was a great experience. The elders also had a long conversation about the roadkill they have been eating on their mission. I assumed this was out of courtesy to the kind people who were feeding them, but they explained that this was roadkill they had collected and cooked of their own accord. Missions get a little weird sometimes.

In Book of Mormon news, I have been really digging the war chapters after all! I started out a little intimidated but they’re quite exciting. I keep interrupting Sister Nish’s studies to tell her about what is happening between everyone and making such astute observations as “Well that Moroni is just hard-headed!” That’s that scriptoral insight I was promised for my mission coming into play. In any case, something I never expected to say but just keep coming back to is that the Book of Mormon is such a page turner. Who knew?! Or maybe I’m just deprived of reading materials, but either way. Definitely read it. It’s also a lot funnier than you would expect.

Finally, I am turning 23 on Wednesday?! My companion is a teenager. And she’s the senior companion. I actually don’t mind the age difference very much at all, we just have a whole lot to learn from each other. My dear companion let me write her a dating flow chart for when she returns to her mission, probably just to make me feel wiser/more useful. She’s the best. So far my plans for that day include helping someone dust their china hutch and having dinner with a counselor to the bishop. It should be pretty wild.

Also! I am told that dearelder.com delivers even after the MTC days, so that’s exciting. dearelder me! It’s probably even free?? I don’t know. Try it out. Tell me what you think. If you prefer the romance of putting pen to paper, you can reach me at 923 National Hwy, Cumberland, MD 21502.


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One thought on ““you have no need to be a scrub”

  1. Happy Birthday, dear, beautiful Ingrid! Hope our card reached you at your new address.Hopefully you are having, or had, a great day. Thank you for the wonderful descriptions of mission life. I could just see someone wanting to give you an opportunity for service, but only risking giving you the assignment of dusting a china cabinet. Bathrooms would be just too hard . . .

    I am reading Ammon’s words after his successful mission to the Lamanites. Talk about a great missionary. I loved reading about the joy he and his companions felt at helping to save their Lamanite brothers. And the Anti-Nephi-Lehies! Who could be that generous and righteous. The Bk of Mormon is becoming my favorite book and definitely the book I turn to for solace and peace.
    Love you, Ingrid. Again- Happy Birthday!
    Grandma Wendy

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