the queen of queen city

The final week of this transfer just flew by! Yesterday was the moment of truth when we found out who is staying and who is going. I am the only missionary in the ward who is staying for the next transfer. One elder is going home, the other elder is being transferred, and my beloved companion is leaving me! Cumberland will be all mine!!! Not really, Cumberland is in the Lord’s hands and I am but a humble servant. I’ll be getting a new mystery companion on Wednesday. I’m sure she’ll be wonderful.

Speaking of new companions, we had a mini missionary with us this week! She was a young woman from a neighboring ward who was with us for a week living the missionary life. Having her with us was amazing. She was just a fabulous addition to our companionship and it was so much fun to show her our area all proudly like a new parent cat. We were all sad and hugging when the week ended and her family came to pick her up. This is something they do yearly, but I think they should just circulate mini missionaries whenever they feel like it. Seriously, I would love to have one every week.

Our sweet temporary companion also brought some amazing miracles to the area. One of the highlights was that we started teaching a new family! They’re the dream. They are so curious and excited about the gospel. We’re giving them a church tour this week. If you want to know how to be an effective missionary, the answer is to give a lot of church tours. I’m not sure why, they just work. They have two cute kids and when I met them I asked the seven-year-old “When’s your birthday?” and he said, “The eleventh of Christmas!!!” I have high hopes for him.

Before my mission, I had a dream that my companion was a baby. Well, my beloved brethren/sistren/siblen, that dream came true this week. The baby was a very redheaded 10-month-old who belonged to a sister who had us be he visiting teaching companions for the day on Wednesday. It was amazing. In other baby animal news, that day we also met a giant bunny. I should have taken a picture of it. Anyway, this bunny had a roommate who was a guinea pig to keep it from getting lonely. Isn’t that cute? I just loved that.

Sister Nish, my soon-to-be long-lost companion has continued in her ill health, so we have had some quiet days this week, which is kind of a departure from the usual missionary schedule. The great news about that is that I read a whole box full of copies of the Ensign! Wow. I have learned a lot this week from that experience.

I will be sad to see the elders in the area leave, as they were a source of both inspiration and entertainment. For example, this week their water was shut off for the day. Sister Nish said, “Oh no! What did you do?!” and they said, “We thirsted and held in our bathrooms.” I would not have thought to phrase the experience like that. This is why we need the diverse talents and gifts of all the different missionaries.

Something I’ve been pondering a lot this week is the importance of member friendship. Friendship is something we can’t provide as missionaries, so if you want to be a great member missionary, be a great friend. This is important to every phase of the work.

I’m also getting into 3 Nephi! So exciting! Jesus makes His appearance soon so I’ve been on the edge of my seat. Stay tuned. I’m predicting that He will be wonderful and wise and bring many miracles.

Finally! Write me lots of letters: 923 National Hwy, LaVale MD 21502


Sister Asplundh


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