at the DCVC

December 7

The Christmas spirit is in full force over here! I have nearly said to nervous-looking street contacts, “Fear not, for I bring you good tidings of great joy! Also would you like a copy of the Book of Mormon?” Soon. I’m working on my approaches.
First of all, I have a pretty cute story from last week which I forgot to tell. When I was temporarily in a family ward last week the ward chorister’s two little ones stood at either side of him and helped lead the music. The best part was that they did a great job. They weren’t even looking at their dad, but the three of them were all conducting perfectly in sync with one another. It was pretty cute. In baby animal news, Sister Rowley had a dream last night that I was the MTC police and that I had a tiny cute little police dog. Aw πŸ™‚
At the beginning of the week we went on exchanges and I was able to be companions-for-a-day with my former MTC companion, Sister Johnson. We had SO MUCH FUN. Probably the most fun anyone has ever had walking in the rain and in the dark for hours. I got back to the area so grateful to have the luxury of a car. We have it so cushy. Despite my feet hurting, I loved to get to see beautiful Hampstead and spend time with one of my favorite sisters.
We also got to switch up our area by serving for a small moment at the Washington DC Visitor’s Center, aka the DCVC. It was so fun! I’ve always been deeply curious about the VC missionary life. We ran into a fellow from Trinidad who told us that he has a daughter on a mission and another daughter who is a member and that he is taking the lessons. We showed him a short Jesus-themed film and taught him a little. He told us that he loves it and that he loves reading his Book of Mormon until 2am but that he doesn’t know if he wants to get baptized yet. We were like, “Just try it! It’s fun!” Just kidding, we told him to pray about it. We also taught a fellow who told us that the hasn’t been going to church for a long time, and that he is 24 and divorced with sole custody of his 2-year-old. We showed him some Mormon messages about single parents and just talked with him. Before he left, my temporary companion (who serves full-time at the DCVC) talked about how everyone comes in with different struggles and pains and she just hopes that she can find some way to help them heal a little. He said, “Well, you’ve helped one person today!” I don’t know, it was kind of special. I also got to serve in the “Creche Room” where they have 80 different nativity sets all from different countries. I felt like a real art historian for a minute. Best of all, the Wawrzyniaks appeared from my old life! It was so beautiful. Anyone who knows this family will understand what a tender mercy it would be to run into them unexpectedly for a special Christmas miracle. We just hugged and cried and then cried some more.
Speaking of miracles! We went to visit a young lady who we have been hoping to start teaching. She wasn’t home but her dad is a member and he invited us in. They had a friend over who lives outside of the mission but pretty close. We told him about what we do and he just lit up. I knew that I would probably be struck by lightning if I denied this fellow the opportunity to learn more about the most wonderful thing in the world, but I also did not want him to feel pressure to say yes to my offer in front of his member friend. I saw clearly in my mind’s eye that we would stand up, that I would invite him to learn more by the door, and that he would give me his information to pass along to the missionaries in his area. I also saw clearly that Sister Rowley would say, “Good job” and give me a fist bump as we walked back to the car. I am not even joking when I say that is exactly what happened. It was kind of spooky. That’s why we envision success!
We also had a fabulous lesson at the mission home this week, which was slightly intimidating but mostly magical. Our mission president’ wife is an angel and she made sure our investigator had warm cookies waiting right when we walked in. Seriously.
Finally, the highlight of the Christmas season: our stake put on a truly beautiful Messiah sing! it was my favorite! And then we saw the Christmas devotional which was BEAUTIFUL and Uchtdorf spoke which is always perfect. I love him. I love Jesus. I love you.
Hugs and handshakes,
Sister Android

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