December 14

The transfer is coming to a close, which means that we had our final exchange this week. It was so fun! I brought a sweet sister into the area. Exchanges are funny for the YSA because we cover the whole stake and so even though we’re/they’re technically in a different area it’s actually just a different part of the same area. We visited a sister in the YSA but only her parents were home, who were in Sister Giles’ ward, and we said, “Oh, we’re here representing the YSA actually…” kind of awkward to explain but they gave us food anyway, so no worries.

On Thursday we had another shift at the visitor’s center. It was wonderful! Right as it was getting really busy a young lady walked in with her mom. She told me that she is a member and her mom is not, and they arrived with someone who had been a senior missionary in the daughter’s ward when she got baptized. We got to teach them half of an amazing lesson using the model of the temple and then… it was time to go and we turned them over to some other sisters. And I will never hear from them again. That’s definitely the hardest thing about the visitor’s center life. We also had such a weird, fun time doing the online chatting section of missionary work. That’s where all the off-the-wall questions come in.

We also had Elder Teh of the Seventy come for a visit! What an amazing one! He is so great. Even though we had to sit in pews for eight hours it was worth it. I received so much of that good lightning bolt revelation. You know the one.

The YSA also had such a classic YSA activity of an ugly sweater/holiday karaoke party. It was actually great and I got a pretty bad sweater with Santa and his fuzzy beard and the words “I believe…” scrawled across the bottom. I forgot a picture. How could I. My companion and I also experimented with what I like to call “traroling” which is a combination of tracting and caroling. She absolutely did not want to but because Sister Rowley is a great companion we picked the most festive house on the block (it was pretty festive) and sang “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” and invited her to the ~Festival of Lights~ at the visitors’ center. I think she loved it.

Finally on Sunday we brought our investigator to dinner at the mission home. It was so chaotic because on Sunday night the assistants and President were calling everyone and telling them where/if they were being transferred. I think our investigator enjoyed it, though. She’s such a good one.

Speaking of transfers! Sister Rowley is leaving me 😦 but I know the sister who is coming in and she is really great. I think we’re going to have a great transfer together. My transfer theme will be TIME, everything from punctuality to eternity with an emphasis on chapter 8 of Preach My Gospel. I will love it!

Okay, send me 100 Christmas cards! For my fridge! 5455 Columbia Rd Apt 213, Columbia MD 21044-5689


Sister Astluncd (that’s a real spelling somebody came up with over the phone. I don’t know.)


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