sister nish the sister mish returns

January 11

We’ve talked to some weird strangers this week. Well, we talk to weird strangers every week. For example, this week we walked by a young man in a beanie and dark sunglasses and I said, “Hello!!” and he silently saluted me with two fingers. It was rather disarming. I didn’t think I would ever see myself speechless, but there I was, speechless. If he wanted to get out of talking to us, he did the right thing.

In another encounter, Sister Walker and I have been calling every name in our phone that we don’t recognize. This practice has proved rather fruitful, actually. Highly recommended. One person we called couldn’t understand us very well (bad connection?) so she just launched into why she couldn’t give us money. We don’t want any money! We just want your time! And for you to completely change as a person! For the better, we promise! Another number we called was not aligned with the name in the phone. Any time I call a wrong number I try to get a return appointment just in case, so I started to say, “We’re sorry for this inconvenience, but perhaps it was not by coincidence that we called you to–” and then he hung up on us. I can’t blame him, to be honest.
This week we went on exchanges with the Savage Mill sisters, including my beloved former companion Sister Nish! Oh, we had a grand old time wandering around in the cold. Miracles included her ward mission leader driving by us and pulling over so that he and Sister Nish could correlate about important business while I put my ear suspiciously close to the heating vent. Another miracle was teaching a great new investigator they have. They were really not sure if this investigator was going anywhere but after studying together we both felt prompted to have faith in her. We had a great lesson and on Sunday I saw her at stake conference!
Speaking of which, this was a highly good fun time. We had some amazing talks by the temple president and the temple matron, stake president, President and Sister Christiansen, and a wonderful seventy. We also got to catch a few minutes of President Nelson’s young adult broadcast. He talked about reading all these cynical articles and studies about the Millennial generation and expressed that Heavenly Father loves us and that he loves us, regardless of what the various articles and research all have to say. SO CUTE!
Oh and for some cuteness, you should all know that I braked for a baby squirrel yesterday and saved its life. Our driving is monitored by some secret mechanism and I got in slight trouble for braking aggressively. Oh well.
Last Monday we also gathered a whole crew of other sister missionaries in our apartment along with one of the mission president’s daughters and watched The Errand of Angels. It’s a really good one. Especially the parts where they’re all speaking German.
OK siblen. I love you all. Go read Alma 29. It’s honestly the perfect chapter for missionary life, especially for developing humility as a missionary. He just gets it. Also… send me letters 🙂 You can reach me at 5455 Columbia Rd Apt 213, Columbia MD 21044-5686
Hugs and handshakes,
Sister Asplud (as our mailbox now reads)

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