the rosa bonheur memorial park

To explain the title of this epistle: we were driving through the night talking about something (we’ll just assume it was missionary work) and I interrupted Sister Walker and said, “SISTER WALKER LOOK LOOK ITS THE ROSA BONHEUR MEMORIAL PARK DO YOU THINK THERE ARE PAINTINGS THERE???????” So we texted a member and had her Google it for us (this is the missionary version of Siri) and apparently it is a pet cemetery. I’m still laughing about it to be honest. Amazing. That’s slightly grim baby animal news but there you have it.

Speaking of baby animal news, you’re about to get more of it because I’m getting transferred back to the West end of the mission!!! For the Springtime!!!! I’ll be serving in Winchester, VA starting on Wednesday with a certain Sister Rogers, whom I knew in the MTC. She is One of the best missionaries out there. I don’t know what I did to deserve her. It’s always slightly tragic to leave an area, though. We have some really great investigators and I don’t want to leave them, and I will miss the Columbia YSA so much. Wah. But on the bright side, all of my areas and companions have been so great and I know that this will just be an opportunity to have more great people to love. Most importantly the Lord has asked me to serve Him in Winchester so I will go! I mean, it’s not like I have a choice but if I did I still would, I promise.

Anyway, in fun exchange times this week I got to reunite once again with Sister Nish!! It was just like old times. She’s just a champ and three quarters. During our exchange we had an amazing restoration lesson with some investigators who we gave a church tour to last week. They fed us pizza and we watched the Restoration film and the spirit was just off the hook. And Sister Nish was such a great teacher, it was wonderful to teach with her again. We invited our investigator to be baptized on a specific day and she kind of started smiling and then when we got the question out she was like, “Oh… I will be out of the country that weekend…” but we just picked the next available Saturday instead! Don’t worry.

We also had some great lessons with our investigator who is to be baptized on the 19th. She is just wonderful and is one of my new heroes. She was raising her hand during Sunday School and during the sacrament, she flipped around in her Book of Mormon until she found the sacrament prayers listed in Moroni 4 and 5. So cool. I just want to have her spiritual power and dedication. On the other hand, the other day we had a lesson scheduled with her this weekend but I think the Lord gave her a stupor of thought, because when we texted to tell her we would be about five minutes late for our lesson, she called us immediately and said, “Sisters, I have a big problem!!! I completely forgot about our lesson and I went to Pennsylvania! I’m having dinner with an old friend who is back in town! I’M IN HANOVER EATING PIZZA!!!!!” We calmed her down and assured her that these things happen, and now we say, “I’m in Hanover eating pizza!!!” all the time. I say that her stupor of thought was divine because with our time we would have been teaching, we street contacted two different people who both seemed really interested in learning more about the gospel… who we got to pass off to other missionaries, of course. On once occasion, I was backing my companion out and the Spirit told me, “Put a copy of the Book of Mormon in your backpack.” So of course I did! When we arrived at our next destination there was nobody home but there was a young man walking the other direction. Sister Walker flagged him down and we started talking with him. He was pretty interested and then I remembered the Book of Mormon in my bag. I pulled it out and gave it to him. He started looking through it and said, “For some reason I am really interested in this.” Always follow the spirit immediately!!! Just saying.

Finally, we got to take another investigator to the temple Visitor’s Center!!! It was so wonderful. She is about to move across the country but she promised to be baptized as soon as she gets over there. I know she will be like manna from heaven to her new missionaries and ward. At least that’s what she has been for us. We got to go to Cafe Rio and the little Mormon bookstore that are nearby (basically the East Coast Temple Square) and she really seemed to have an opportunity to be culturally converted. I mean, once you taste the sweet pork the deal is sealed, right? When we showed her the picture of the temple in her future area, she kind of sheepishly told us that she had already looked it up, and she told us that she has been working on living the Word of Wisdom by replacing her nightly glass of wine with a nightly wine glass of apple juice. So cute. Finally, this investigator has many tattoos and when we went to the bookstore we found a book by Al Fox, which has the words “TATTOOED MORMON” really big on the front. And she bought it, of course. She was so excited. It was just too cute.

Okay my sweet friends. I love you. As you can imagine, I have a brand-new address. Who is going to christen my mailbox??? 841 Thomas Ct. #57/Winchester VA 22601

Hugs and handshakes,

Sister Asphalt

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