the celestial language

What a great week and what a TRAYSURE to witness General Conference! It is always magical to get to spend a little time soaking in the goodness when it is usually our duty to pour it out. I love being able to teach and share what I know all the time but being taught is kind of an exciting change of pace every six months or so. I loved the whole thing. I noticed a big emphasis on temple attendance and another big emphasis on the personal relationship we have with God. I loved that. If you want/need to catch up, you can at the highlight of my whole life was when President Uchdorf, obviously the person I want to be when I grow up, spoke German at us. It was glorious. Everything else about it was glorious. Please write me and tell me every single thing you thought and felt about it because I love feeling so close to you, my friends!
At the advent of this week my companion and I got a head start on April Fool’s Day and borrowed the crowbar that one of the elders in our vicinity keeps around I think just to look tough. I remembered that it’s good manners that when we borrow something, we return it in as good or even better condition. In the spirit of this etiquette, we thought we could improve our friend’s crowbar by covering it in silver sparkly duct tape and then bedazzling it with pink rhinestones. We presented it to him and I have never seen someone look so angry and so happy at the same time. For probably an hour all he could say was, “You bedazzled my crowbar!” I could tell he kinda loved it because he kept bringing it around and showing other people. I mean, I don’t know anyone else in the world who has a bedazzled crowbar.
This week we also had exchanges with the sisters in Harpers Ferry. These sisters are so wonderful and Harpers Ferry is right next door to my old stomping grounds. In fact, I ran into a former ward mission leader. To understand how wonderful this guy is, you should know that he has a big mustache and his first name is Verl and he cries every time he bears his testimony with his heavy accent. He came up to me and I could tell that his instinct was to go for a hug (it was mine too!) but of course that’s a little taboo for missionaries so he gave me a warm handshake and said, “Why, I just wanna give you a big hug. How’s Sister Asplund doing?” So fun!! The other highlight of our exchange was some amazing Baby Animal News. I got to see some baby chicks and hold them and they ate out of my hand. I’ve been perfecting my baby chick chirp and it’s getting pretty good, so when I chirped at them they all got kind of quiet. So cute. This family also has a little potbelly pig named bacon. I kind of want to move in with them, to be honest.
After exchanges we had interviews with President Christiansen. It was so nice. It was kind of sad to move far away from the mission home and getting to visit again was much needed. I have developed a great love for church leadership on my mission.
A huge miracle of my life/this week came when we actually found someone to teach!!! Oh boy!!! She has been taking the lessons with the sisters in the neighboring ward for a while and is very solid and strong in her testimony. We helped her move into an apartment in our ward boundaries all weekend, which included throwing and catching a couch over a fence because the front door was too narrow for it. We watched General Conference with her and some of her member friends and she got way into conference bingo. It was adorable.
My friends and loved ones, fellow countrypeople, siblen, etc, I love you!!! Write to me! 841 Thomas Ct #57 Winchester, VA 22601
Sister Cracklin’


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