tiara testimony

This week we were called upon to help a family weed the poison ivy out of their yard. It was actually an exciting adventure, in my opinion. This family has an extremely adorable 3-year-old who is going through a Michael Jackson phase. She was running around the yard dancing and singing “Do you remember?” and generally being a lot too cute. The family we were serving also has a tenant who we are teaching. This investigator is just golden and we love teaching her. For example: we were talking to the little one and I asked, “What happens when you’re 8, Katie?” and she was a little confused, so our investigator said, “What ordinance do you partake of when you’re 8?” What the heck… how is she so good at learning. Anyway we were reading the Book of Mormon with our investigator after the yard work portion but not before Katie put a sparkly, light-up, fuzzy tiara on me. I super forgot about the tiara sitting their blinking on and off until I started to bear my testimony. Our investigator looked at me and started to giggle. Then my companion started to giggle. I was like… why are you laughing at my testimony of the Book of Mormon. Rude. But it was just the tiara.
In other adorable/baby animal news, last Monday we celebrated Preparation Day by going to the emporium entitled “Southern States” which had live baby chicks and turkeys which you could put in a carton and take home!!! Now, the white handbook says, “Do not keep pets of any kind.” but I can’t say the temptation wasn’t there. They were pretty cute to hold and snuggle. I felt just like Snow White.
Today’s Preparation Day/Memorial Day celebration was also pretty good. Our AC died on Thursdayright around when the month of rain ended and the week of intense, muggy heat began. Our apartment is on the 3rd floor and when we got in for the night it was 90 degrees in there. The sisters in the next ward over live pretty close and so we got permission from the mission president to do a Preparation Day Eve sleepover. It was pretty great. We watched The Phone Call and giggled a lot and told stories. In the morning we crashed the Memorial Day pancake breakfast of a neighboring ward where a fellow missionary was playing the bugle as they raised the flag. And then we had pancakes. I love the Mormon people.
The same sisters we had a sleepover with also provided our wonderful exchange this week. Sister Tripp was my temporary companion. She is such a cutie. She and her companion are meeting their six-month mark soon, I’m so excited for them. Together we saw a lot of miracles, taught some discussions, and shared some laughs. And we ate a hamburger.
Because of the heat and the mugginess, I got so warm the other day that I experienced what Sister Tripp described to me as a “treat emergency.” We were cruising around in the back of someone’s car with no AC and walking around and I’m not great in the heat. I started to wilt really good and got kind of confused and in a sweaty daze and the Spirit told me, “You absolutely need a Slurpee right now.” Actually, maybe that was my brain/body. I’m not sure. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Anyway, we got a Slurpee and I was all better. Thank you 7/11, for contributing to the hastening of the work.
We had a great visit with another investigator yesterday, this nice old lady. I really feel like we got to connect with her on a personal level and she started to get curious about missionary life. She said, “Now do y’all have husbands or boyfriends or anything like that?” and we said, “Oh no, we don’t really date or anything like that until after we’re done with our missionary work.” And she said, “That’s the spirit! Just tell them all, JESUS IS MY BOYFRIEND hahaha yes!!!” She also asked how long Sister Anderson and I have known each other and we told her about a month and she said, “Oh really?? I thought y’all were really sisters! I mean, other than sisters in Christ.” I don’t know, it was just so cute. Sisters in Christ ❤
We also enjoyed a wonderful street contact wherein we handed a little boy a picture of Jesus and said, “Do you know who that is? And he said, “George Washington!” Thanks buddy. On a more serious note, we were driving through kind of a fancy neighborhood we never ever visit when we saw some people sitting on their porch. Sister Anderson, spiritual giantess, said, “Pull over, we need to talk to those people.” We walked up and started talking to Jason. He was kind of making excuses, telling us that he is a SWAT officer and therefore too busy, that his wife and daughter are busy too, etc, etc. His mom was there too, smiling serenely. Sister Anderson did not hesitate to start telling him some of the sublime truths about how Jesus Christ’s gospel has been restored in its fullness and about the first vision. I told him that the Book of Mormon could strengthen his spirit and bore my testimony of it. At this point this big tall bald intimidating police man was beginning to weep. He thanked us over and over again for what we shared and said, “I really needed this. It’s been hard. Can I give you guys a hug?” We were kind of hesitant and tried to shake his hand but he stood up and enveloped us both in a big hug. It was kind of beautiful. Sister Anderson invited him to be baptized and he said, “I’m open to anything right now. My soul just needs healing.” and he started to open up about how he’s seen so many traumatic things as a police officer and how he’s at his breaking point. You never know when and how somebody will need the comforting words of the gospel! It was beautiful and so sad.
On Sunday I got to speak in church. I was the concluding speaker, which is kind of the worst because you never know how much time you will have and because you have to wait through the whole meeting to get relief for your nerves BUT it was such a great learning opportunity. I drew a lot from Elder Christofferson’s “Why the Church?” and talked about the purpose of organized religion in bringing us to Christ and told of the little branch I attended in Germany. It was a good experience. Also we had a pretty small congregation thanks to Memorial Day.
Well my friends… thank you. Happy memorial day. Write me!!! Please!!!!! 841 Thomas Ct. #57, Winchester VA 22601
Sister Afton


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