Okay first things first… transfers. So on Sunday night we were leaving a dinner out in the wilderness when the spirit told us to stop by the home of an investigator who had been out of town for a month. We weren’t sure if she was back yet but the spirit said to, you know? Anyway so as we pulled up we saw her unlocking her door. She said, “I literally just got back from driving in. And I was scared to go into my house alone. I’m so glad you’re here.” Then we started chatting and suddenly our district leader called us. Scary!! He said, “Sisters, Sister Anderson is leaving. Sorry. Bye.” and then hung up. She’s only been here for one transfer so we were freaking out a little bit. Or a lot. We both almost started crying in front of our investigator… until our district leader called us again. He said, “I’m so sorry sisters, I’ve made a huge mistake. You’re both staying. Sorry. Bye.” Whew. So we’re both staying! I’m so happy Sister Anderson isn’t leaving us. Also this amazing investigator asked if she could come out teaching with us. Yes.
This week we were a little extra tired because several nights in a row I was teaching dream-people about the Book of Mormon in my sleep. Sister Anderson told me that my sleep-talking awoke her and she tried to support my testimony but she was too asleep. On Friday, even though we were so tired, we passed by a beautiful meadow a just had to pull over for a frolic. It was good. I don’t think I got any ticks.
Midweek we enjoyed our zone training experience and my companion and I gave an instruction. Afterward we went on a beautiful exchange to Charles Town! My very home! It was such a beautiful experience. I got to see so many of the people and places who I came to love with the love of the Lord at the advent of my missionary service. We also had dinner with a family who was baptized recently. It was amazing to hear them talk about the peace the gospel has brought into their lives despite all the challenges they face. The best! There’s just something about Charles Town, it’s kind of a golden area. Finally, we saw the season’s first fireflies!!!! We were talking to a lady at her door and suddenly I saw a firefly and got so excited about it. My companion got excited and said, “I wish I could catch it!” and then I caught it for her… while we were still trying to talk to this lady at her door. She loved it though. I’m always praying for opportunities to serve my companion so it was an answer to prayers.
On Saturday we went to the baptism of a young eight-year-old in the ward with our investigator. It was so sweet. His big brother, maybe twelve or so, gave a talk about his own baptism and in the middle of it, as he was describing the joy he felt when he was being baptized, he got all choked up. So cute. His other big brother baptized him. And we had CTR-shaped gummies to remind us to choose the right. Our investigator loved it. She’s really on fire. She came to choir yesterday and she fasted with us that she would receive an answer as to whether she should be baptized. She sends us the cutest texts about the animals she sees near her home in the woods and inviting us to attend community activities with her so we can share the word of God with everyone there. She’s already an awesome missionary.
Finally, a ward council quote: “Our youth don’t know what to bring in their Trek buckets.” “So they need a bucket list?” We also were walking around and we passed by two people drinking on their porch. We started talking to them and they invited us up. The wife in the couple said, “I only invited you up here because you were dressed really groovy.” Then they introduced us to their new baby chicks and gave us a LOT of marriage advice. Whew.
Ok my friends, time to write me a letter! Can’t wait to hear from you! 841 Thomas Ct #57, Winchester VA 22601
Sister Esmerelda
(the drunk porch lady called me that… thanks ma’am)
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