i love the leafs!

Siblen, sometimes it’s good to try new things. For example: we were at a dinner appointment with a family with such a cute little girl. She was sitting next to me and she was like, “Mooooooom, I don’t waaaaaaaaant any salaaaaaaaaad!!!!!!!!!” and I was like, “You should try some leaves! They’re really good!” Because a good trick is to tell kids that salad is leaves and broccoli is trees to make it all more exotic. I started talking to her mom and looked away and a minute later I looked back and she had eaten all of her salad. She said, “Moooom, can I have more leafs???? I wuv the weafs!!!!!!!!!”
At a different dinner with a different adorable little girl, she got so excited because I was wearing a pink dress. She kept telling me she liked my dress and asked if I could sit by her. I felt pretty good about myself even though I knew it was just my pink dress. She wasn’t really eating her dinner and my maternal instinct just took over my body and I started feeding her without thinking about it…. until her parents looked at me kind of funny. They liked it though. Afterward, while we were sharing a message, she snuggled right up to me and said, “Guess what Sister Applesauce? I love you.” So cute.
Finally… we taught someone this week who was holding her pet hermit crab the whole time we were teaching her. I think the hermit crab felt the spirit.
This week we also went to a beach?? And taught a lesson on a picnic table on a beach at a lake. There was something slightly cruel about it, that water tempting us and everyone frolicking. And it was about 90 degrees. Anyway sometimes you teach lessons in unexpected places and get sand in your proselyting shoes. We also showed up at Relay for Life yesterday, which was kind of beautiful and cryish and they let us hand out roses… with pictures of Jesus ;).
Yesterday we had ward conference which was all about the Sabbath Day. It was good stuff. Our stake presidency is all brand new and they are so great. They came to ward council and asked me to lead the music during the third hour. I was mingling with everyone because the #1 rule of missionary work is that you have to greet every single ward member every Sunday. As I was in the middle of a member traffic jam I heard our stake president say over the microphone, “If Sister Asplund could come to the stand please? Sister Asplund?” More importantly, though, it was a time to be fed and edified spiritually! The Sabbath day is a great gift that the Lord has given us and there’s something kind of fun and radical about it. Getting a reminder that there’s something and someone who is more important than our professional pursuits is really refreshing.
OK my dear friends, please write to me and make my week! I love you I love you. 841 Thomas Ct #57, Winchester VA 22601
Sister Apple Juice 

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