This week was a beautiful cascade of miracles followed by a horrible sad phone call in which we learned that Sister Anderson is being transferred. NO!!! I love her too much. The good news is that I get to stay here, 6 months in Winchester :’) Things are really happening for us here. We’re getting Sister Feinga, she’s amazing. I know her a little bit just from around town and I’m excited for her to join our ranks.

You’re probably just dying to hear all about how a missionary’s birthday looks. Here it is:
– Preparation Day: my companion and I make pancakes for all the other missionaries in the church ~serving area~ and we had a topping potluck as well.
– opened presents for my workout
– went out for Thai food, yum
– ate at a Peruvian chicken place?? so good. our wonderful friend made us a cake out of flowers because she is a genius
– a member made us waffles, including birthday cake waffles
– Sister Anderson made me celestial pancakes in the shape of a sun. The theme of my birthday was breakfast.
This week we also had exchanges! Sister Tait came from Woodstock, VA to join me and we met the coolest new investigator. She is solid, pure gold. Oh my goodness. Teaching her is a delight because she prepares well for lessons and wants to know everything we are teaching her. I also went on an exchange in the Shenandoah Valley! Sister Allen and I were reunited after our week-long companionship.
This week we also lost a brother in the ward who is very dear to us after a long and courageous battle with cancer. He was our gospel principles teacher. And he was Canadian. We all loved him a lot. The day he passed away we went by to visit their family. We shared the end of Luke 24: “He is not here, but He is risen.” Never forget the glory and the promise of the resurrection. Whatever your battle, Christ has won it. We also sang “Be Still My Soul”. The spirit was crazy in there. We were all just weeping like a group of babies. It was beautiful.
This week we were invited to the stake correlation meeting. Usually it’s priesthood holders who attend said meeting but they’re trying to include sisters in general more. Great job! It was a lot of fun and we got to hang out with about 1,000 bishops. My hand has never been more thoroughly shaken. Our mission president and his wife were there and afterward we were saying goodbye when President noticed some Swedish Fish floating around in his car. He picked them up contemplatively and handed them over and said, “Here’s your treat.” Then when we got to our car we saw that Sister Christiansen had brought us Wonder Woman pez and written us a cute note. What the heck. Where do they get off being so cute.

I will close with a quotation from our fave couple in the ward. They live in a nursing home and he used to be a karate teacher so she always calls him “Sense”
“We’re always trying to be more like Jesus, aren’t we Sense?”
“Yes, dear…. see, after all these years of marriage I’ve learned that’s the secret phrase”
“You’re so cute”
We just giggled and all kind of blushed for a while.
Write me!!!!!!!! 841 Thomas Ct #841 Winchester VA 22601
Sister Ingleberry

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