i love to see the temple

This week we had an adorable third companion who was our mini missionary! Little Melissa. She loved it. We had such a nice time cruising around accomplishing the work of salvation. We put her on an air mattress and she said things like “Y’all pray too much” but she got to liking it in the end. She came to join us on Sunday and we parted ways on Friday. It was honestly sooo nice to have an extra buddy there. Most of the week was me clowning around trying to entertain her and Sister Feinga and them just laughing at/with me. It was a good time.
On Tuesday we went to district meeting in Charles Town for exchanges. It was the best. I took Sister Botchway back to Winchester and we had kind of an emotional rollercoaster of a day. We went to out absolute most solid investigator and she dropped us kind of brutally while she was cleaning cat vomit off of the sofa. We left and poor Sister Botchway was so kind and cried with me so I wouldn’t have to cry alone. This is exactly what friends are for. After we pulled ourselves together we went to our next lesson with an awesome couple who is friends with the family we are teaching. When we got to their house, the sister we wanted to teach wasn’t home, as her two young adult-aged sons told us. I said, “Well… we’re here and you’re here… can we share a message with you?” and we did! It was pretty amazing. They were feeling it. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.
This week we had the great blessing of going to the temple twice! The first day it was our semi-annual mission temple trip. It was amazing. I needed it so much. We drove down with a wonderful and good sister and our trip happened to fall on the day of the sealing of a young couple in our ward. We saw them greet each other in the hallway and step on to the elevator together to travel up to be sealed in marriage. I watched the doors close on her happy, glowing face. So fun. I’m such a sucker for weddings. We also visited their reception. Pink, red, and gold. Lots of burlap 🙂
On Friday we took our brand new convert to do baptisms for the dead at the temple! It was amazing. Recently our mission boundaries got realigned and the temple is in the DC North Mission, which received some of our missionaries. I walked into the visitor’s center at the temple and was tackled by a sister I went to the MTC with and whom I have been close with our whole missions. It was so sweet. The temple always ends up being a place of reunion and I believe it always will be. This event was so cool. There were some seminars for all the youth in the stake about doing missionary work using technology and then we all did baptisms for the dead! Oh, it was wonderful to be within the temple. There is such a peace there. As we were leaving, our convert was like, “It looks just like a castle here. I’m going to call it the castle. I’m going to miss this castle.” It’s the palace of the King of Kings, of course!
On Sunday we were walking around in the incredible heat feeling so extra dehydrated when we stopped by a sister in the ward. She was sitting by her pool where lots of her posterity was frolicking. She hasn’t been to church in a long while so she isn’t 100% familiar with our quirky little missionary rules but she was like, “Oh, I have extra swimsuits, would you like to borrow one and jump in the pool. That’s exactly what we wanted. But there was something we wanted even more, which was to obey. There will be time enough to jump in a pool later. It really was tempting though, the cool water splashing invitingly. We had to get us hence pretty quickly.
Also… a Sister Feinga fact: she and her little sister have the same first name?!?!?!?!!!! Sister Feinga goes by her middle name so her mom wanted one of the kids to actually go by her mom’s name so she had to recycle. My mind is honestly still blown.
Finally on Sunday! Our fresh new convert Traci was confirmed. She’s amazing. I love her so much and I was filled with an unspeakable joy to see her receive the greatest gift of all. Sometimes a missionary faces rejection and temptation in a week but it’s all worth it, always. The brother confirming her said that there were many on the other side of the veil who were cheering that day because of what she was going to do for them. So cool. Family history is so cool. Being able to have a relationship with those who have passed on is so cool. I love the gospel.
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